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Another specialised area of TEECL was the installation of fuel oil handling systems for thermal power stations right since the 70s. TEECL was the pioneer in this area, having successfully installed more than 50 installations for thermal power stations including major super thermal power projects of NTPC.
Oil Handling Plant for Power Station
The Company offers oil handling plants for power plants since 1980. The Company executed over 26 projects in this segment for various thermal plants including captive power plants across the country. The services provided by the Company includes design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of complete oil handling facilities including unloading, pumping, associated piping, heating, insulation, electrical and instrumentation work.
Project: Fuel oil handling system for Chandrapur Thermal Power Station Unit 5&6 (2x500 MW)
Location: Chandrapura
Customer: M/s. Maharashtra State Electricity Board
Scope: Design, supply, erection, testing and commissioning including ,civil work
Value: Rs. 7 million
Actual commissioning time: Within Schedule
The job has been one of the largest in terms of storage capacity of 12,000 KL and unloading of Fuel Oil from full jumbo rake Rail tankers. The scope included complete civil work for tank foundation, pump house complex, rail tanker unloading bay, pipe trestles of 2 KM route length, electrical, instrumentation and illumination, among others. The Fuel Oil System was designed for wide range of Hydro Carbon right from Diesel to HPS. The Project was of high National importance and the job was completed well in schedule time. All control systems were PLC-based, as opposed to Relay-based systems practiced earlier. Fuel oil handling system has been constructed strictly in conformity to the statutory requirement as per CCOE, Nagpur, OISD, IBR and LPA.
Project: Fuel oil Handling System for Simhadri STPP, Stage-I
Location: Visag, AP
Customer: NTPC
Scope: Supply of Main Equipment, Erection, Commisioning of Fuel Oil Handling System for 2 x 500 MW
Value: Rs. 4.54  million
Actual commissioning time: Within Schedule
The project has been executed through BHEL. The Power Station was very important for meeting the growing power requirement in the State of Andhra Pradesh and the neighboring State of Karnataka, due to industrial revolution. TEECL completed the job well in time and earned good praise from the customer. The job included complete installation, including Rail and Road Tanker unloading facilities, storage and transfer with all mechanical, electrical and instrumentation, among others. All control systems were PLC based as against Relay based System practiced earlier. Fuel Oil Handling System has been constructed strictly in conformity to the statutory requirement as per CCOE, Nagpur, OISD, IBR & LPA.